Al-Mehdi M. Ibrahem, PhD, EIT

      University of Gharyan

     College of Engineering 

    Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

    Head of Dept. of Mechanical Eng. – Libyan Academy Gharyan 


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   ph. +218913231930

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Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor: Faculty of Engineering, University of Gharyan Gharyan, Libya

  • Adjunct Professor (Head of Department  of Mechanical & industrial Eng. : Libyan Academy – Gharyan  

  • Supervisor of the website development Team at the  University of Gharyan

  • Accreditation committee: A member of the the National committee of Libyan university ranking and classifications .

Research Interests

  • Quality Engineering: Design of Experiments

  • Production Planning : Scheduling optimization

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship:  Technology Transfer 


Taught Courses (Bsc.): 

  • Quality Engineering
  • Work system analysis and Design
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
  • Operation Research 
  •  Probability & Statistics 

Taught Courses (Msc.): 

  • Research Methods  
  • Advanced  Quality Engineering 

 Training Certificates 

 Training Certificates 

  •  Entrepreneurship; Theoretical curriculum training seminar Mar.29, 2021- April 2, 2021, Tunis , organized by Lyon University, and Funded by the European Union.
  • SMU Entrepreneurship BootCamp, Training of trainers program, Tunis, South Mediterranean University, Mar.29, 2021- April 2, 2021, Tunis


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