A Word from the President

University of Gharyan

According to our belief that education guards the country better than an organized army, we present briefly the achievements of Gharyan University and its contribution in developing the field of education and raising the efficiency of its workers. In spite of the difficulties and obstacles encountered by and the lack of the available possibilities to overcome them, the university has spared no effort in embracing scientific conferences, educational seminars and cultural activities to rehabilitate and develop all faculties and employees through different and advanced training programs. Furthermore, the university did not neglect the partnership with the local community and civil society institutions where it included them with its sponsorship and support.
In Gharyan University all work as a team for the sake of its students in terms of providing the appropriate environment for study and harnessing all possibilities for serving them and defending their rights. It also gives the students opportunity to delegate to study at home and abroad in multiple disciplines. It provides them job opportunities as members of teaching staff as well. The university paid attention to the teaching staff in terms of implementing programs that would raise their efficiency, develop their skills. Moreover, it seeks to keep up with everything new in the educational process to reach a real and transparent competition with local universities and open the door for useful cooperation and twinning with them to benefit from their experiences. In addition, it seeks to make a global partnership with the Arab and European universities in order to ensure advanced rank in the international classification similar to other universities in the world.
Thanks a lot

Dr. Mohammed Ghoma