University of Gharyan

Quality assurance and performance evaluation office


The office was established in the last quarter of the year 2008. About (52) meetings have been held since its foundation. The first of which was on 12/6/2008, and the last one on 20/2/2019. The work in the office was activated according to a plan included three phases, namely:

  1. Reorganizing the office and activating the quality offices in all colleges of the university.
  2. Spreading the culture of quality through holding meetings in the context of introducing the concepts of quality systems.
  3. Establishing relevant scientific workshops and conferences.

The university quality office is affiliated with all the quality offices of the faculties of Gharyan University, which are (18) offices.

Third: The number of students sent abroad for getting master or doctoral degree (790).

  • Library

Gharyan University Library was established in 2007-2008. It was provided with about (11427) books in all disciplines. They were classified carefully according to each discipline. In general, the university focused on the books that support the educational process. The library also contains a thesis section, periodicals section and research section. Many steps are continuing to provide the best services to the visitors of the library for the purpose of science and education. The following table shows the number of books in each discipline.


No discipline books
1 Islamic studies 2618
2 Arabic 2490
3 History 975
4 Economy 528
5 Law and Political Science 587
6 Media 75
7 Biology 128
8 Management 1064
9 Accounting 574
10 Mathematics and statistics 350
11 Data analysis 514
12 Sociology 255
13 Philosophy and the science of exegesis 256
14 psychology 649
15 Geography 92
16 Libraries 128
17 Chemistry 64
18 Physics 80


Building an integrated system for quality assurance on the basis of continuous improvement for all the university operations.


Developing and improving the quality and performance of all those involved in the educational, research and administrative processes and programs within the university to serve the environment and attain the aspirations and goals of society.


  1. Distributing the culture of quality.
  2. Review and update the vision, mission, and goals of the university and its colleges.
  3. Work to build an effective system for controlling, ensuring and improving quality.
  4. Supervising the implementation and follow-up of quality systems requirements and policies for developing and improving performance for all academic and administrative units at the university.
  5. Technical supervision and offering consults in the field of quality assurance.
  6. Cooperation and exchange of experiences with quality assurance offices in the corresponding universities
  • Graduate studies

The postgraduate program started at the university in the year 1993, through opening a postgraduate department at the College of Accounting fall of 1993. The begging was with the departments of Management and Accounting, the department of Economics was added to them in the following year, and in the year 2004 the graduate studies program was approved in the department of Data Analysis.

In the year 2005-2006, faculty of Arts opened the postgraduate studies program in the following sections:

Department of Arabic Language: (Islamic Studies Division, Literary Studies Division and Linguistics Division). In the year 2008, the postgraduate studies were accredited in department of Electrical Engineering at faculty of Engineering.

A statistic of the number of postgraduate students and students dispatched at home and abroad.

First: Postgraduate students:


Stage of study students
preliminary stage

research stage

graduation stage




Total 938


Second: Students delegated inside:


Type of degree students




Total 50