Mission & Vision

University of Gharyan


The university’s vision is to occupy its leading and prestigious position in the fields of higher education and community service and be internationally distinctive in the quality of its scientific and inventive outputs.


Sincerity in saying and working, commitment and credibility, equality and team’s soul work


Excellence in teaching, scientific research, invention and community service. Participating in producing, developing, spreading knowledge, and interacting with the local and international community.


  1. Preparing cadres capable of creativity, innovation and self-learning.
  2. Providing the community with specialists and experts in various fields.
  3. The continuous renewal of the educational process at the level of undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  4. Conducting theoretical and applied research to serve the community and participate in finding scientific solutions to its social and economic problems.
  5. Linking various university researches with comprehensive development plans and the future vision of society.
  6. Participating in servicing and developing the community through direct and continuous interaction with its economic, social and cultural institutions.
  7. Developing human resources through providing continuous education and training programs for all the society institutions.
  8. Cooperating with other scientific institutions in terms of supporting scientific relations and exchanging experiences with universities and scientific institutions locally and internationally.
  9. Interacting with the international scientific experiences in the fields of thought, science and culture.
  10. Developing teaching programs, quality standards and encouraging students activities.
  11. Putting programs to develop the capabilities of the university’s staff members to improve their performance.
  12. Developing plans and programs of scientific research.
  13. Cooperation between the university and the specialized international organizations.