President of University

We believe that education protects the country better than an organized army. We present as much as there is space to mention about the achievements of this ancient institution (Gharyan University) and the extent of its contribution to striving to advance the field of education and raise the efficiency of its employees. Despite the difficulties and obstacles and the attempt to overcome them with the available capabilities, the university has spared no effort in embracing the scientific conferences, educational seminars and cultural activities for which it is distinguished. Our scientific institution, praise be to God, in all its faculties, and the ultimate goal was to qualify and develop university employees through training programs. The university did not neglect partnership with the local community and civil society institutions, as it included them with its sponsorship and support. Gharyan University, represented by all its employees, works as a team and one hand for its students in terms of providing the appropriate environment for study and harnessing everything it has to serve the student and defend his rights and granting the opportunity to be sent to study at home and abroad in multiple specializations, and providing job opportunities as members of its faculty as well. She paid her attention to faculty members in terms of implementing programs that would raise their efficiency, develop their skills, and provide as many benefits as possible that the institution did not skimp on all its employees.

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